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1- Sides

Web Site :
Agency - Company : Kösem Tur Turizm San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

The website and company providing online reservation-based services will be referred to as "Service Provider". The person whose name and surname is mentioned in the online reservation, together with the other passengers represented in the same reservation, will be referred to as the "Customer".

2- Subject

This contract has been made between the "Service Provider" and the "Customer". The service provided by the "Service Provider" has been obtained by making a reservation, and the content of the service is explained in detail on the relevant pages of the website.

3- Term of Contract

This contract; from the moment the reservation in question is confirmed by the "Service Provider", after the service of the transfer is performed at the service date and time specified by the "Customer" in the reservation.

4- Payment and Billing Information

If the cash payment option is selected during the reservation, the “Customer” is obliged to pay the service fee at the time of receiving the service. If the invoice request is specified in the Note section of the reservation form, the invoice will be delivered in the vehicle.

5- Cancellation, Change and Return Procedure

  • “Customer”, If he wants to cancel the service while there is more than 24 hours before the service starts, the entire service fee paid will be refunded to him.
  • “Customer”, If you want to cancel the service 12-24 hours before the service starts, 75% of the service fee will be refunded.
  • “Customer”, If you want to cancel the service 6-12 hours before the service starts, 50% of the service fee will be refunded.
  • “Customer”, No refunds will be made for cancellations made less than 6 hours before the service starts or in cases where the service is not used. However, in the next transfer request, 50% discount is applied for one way. (In order for the discount to be applied, the “Customer” must provide information about the cancellation of the previous reservation in the Note section of the new transfer order.)

6- General provisions

The Service Provider will try to direct a different vehicle as soon as it is understood that the transfer cannot be realized in situations that will prevent the delivery of the service (traffic accident, traffic jam, mechanical failure, weather opposition, security measures, etc.), and the "Customer" will be informed about the situation. If the vehicle cannot be supplied, the entire service fee will be refunded and a 50% discount will be applied to the one-way price of the next transfer order. All passengers receiving transfer service are insured, and in case of a possible accident or injury, health expenses are covered within the limits provided by the insurance policy.

7- Operation

This contract consists of 7 main articles and will be signed by the parties in 2 copies if necessary. In case of disputes arising from the contract, the articles of the Road Transport Law No. Istanbul Anatolian Courts and enforcement offices are authorized for disputes arising from this contract. I have declared that I have read and accepted the contract on behalf of myself and/or the names written on the reservation form. This is my statement; It is valid even if someone else has carried out and/or accepted the reservation process instead of myself. As the "Customer", I declare that I have read, understood and accepted all the provisions specified in the Service Agreement and the "Terms and Conditions" pages, the responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the reservation form I have sent, the Road Transport Law No. 4925 and the information on the Carrier's website.